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Stormbound is an online distribution platform delivering quality short films to targeted audiences

Reach a bigger audience by publishing your short film to our curated YouTube channels.

Stormbound manages a network of curated YouTube channels that publish short films from indie filmmakers to get them in front of the right audiences for their genre.

We harness the power of the YouTube algorithm by publishing work from many filmmakers together on a single channel. When a viewer watches one short film on a Stormbound genre channel, they’ll be recommended other films—including yours!—on the same channel, increasing views for all of the filmmakers in the network.

Instead of publishing your short film on your own YouTube channel, where you’ll probably receive few views, you can publish it on the Stormbound network to get it in front of the right audience for your genre and take full advantage of the YouTube algorithm to drive views.

How Stormbound Works

You submit your short film to Stormbound

We review and accept your film

We publish your film to one of our YouTube channels

Viewers of our other videos see your film in their feeds

Stormbound receives a little ad revenue

Your get your short film in front of fans of your genre

Our YouTube Channels

The Stormbound Genre Network

Stormbound Drama

Get ready to dive into the complex world of characters and their conflicts, where every decision counts and the stakes are high.

Stormbound Romance

Experience the thrill of love and heartbreak, as couples navigate their way through the ups and downs of relationships.

Stormbound Sci-Fi

Explore the infinite possibilities of the future, where science and technology take center stage and nothing is impossible.

Stormbound Documentary

Discover the untold stories and fascinating insights into real-life events and people, taking you on a journey of discovery and enlightenment.

Stormbound Comedy

Get ready for side-splitting laughter with hilarious comedies that will have you rolling on the floor.

Stormbound Horror

Prepare to be scared out of your mind with bone-chilling tales that will leave you looking over your shoulder.

The Answers You Need

Frequently-Asked Questions

Do I have to pay anything as a filmmaker?
Nope. Nothing.

How does Stormbound make money?
Ads. Over the course of years, Stormbound’s channels will begin to generate a modest amount of ad revenue from YouTube.

Aren’t you just making money from my hard work?
Yes. In return, we offer increased visibility and audience for your short film. It’s a trade-off. The small amount of ad revenue we’ll eventually generate will fund the company’s operations and the marketing efforts aimed at driving more traffic to the channels (and therefore to your short films).

Do I have to give up my IP rights?
No. Suppose your short film is accepted into the network. In that case, you’ll grant us an exclusive license to publish the video on YouTube (to avoid duplicate content penalties) and to use elements of your film for marketing purposes (to drive traffic to the channel and your flim). You still own your film, and you’re welcome to do whatever else with it you see fit.

What if my short film is already on YouTube?
We’ll ask that you remove it or mark it as “private.” YouTube penalizes duplicate content, so to give your film the best chance possible, there should only be found in one place on YouTube at a time. (However, you’re free to publish it on other platforms.)

What if I change my mind?
We can remove your film from the network. When you submit your short film to the network, you’ll agree to keep it there for at least a period of 12 months. After that, you can contact us at any time and ask that it be removed. (And even if there are extenuating circumstances and you really need to remove it during the initial 12-month period, you can contact us and we can work something out.)

Why should I put my short film on a Stormbound YouTube channel instead of my own?
Once a viewer has seen one video on our channel, YouTube will tend to recommend other videos from our channel in that viewer's feed. By providing your content alongside that of other filmmakers, our channels will get more views overall.

Does Stormbound share revenue with filmmakers?
Currently not. Realistically, it'll probably take us 6-12 months of work before YouTube even monetizes the channels, and once they do it'll likely be years before there's any substantial amount of money coming it. It'll probably take us 2-3 years to actually generate any profit after expenses. We might reevaluate an incentive program at that point, but for now we'd just be talking about pennies, and it's not even worth doing the accounting to calculate it.

What's the catch?
We post your video on our channel. You get more views. We get a little ad revenue. That's it. That's the whole deal. There's no catch!

Is there a contract?
Yes, we'll ask you to sign a simple content licensing agreement that gives us the right to put your video on our channel and to use it for marketing purposes to help drive more views to the channel.

Will you fund my film concept?
Not yet. We’re eventually going to launch a “Stormbound Originals” production arm for original content, but we’re not there yet.

Will you read my script?
No, sorry. If you have a great concept and can pull together a team, we’d love for you to pitch us when we get to the point of launching Stormbound Originals, but we’re not there yet.

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The man, the myth, the legend

Meet Stormbound Founder Tagg West

Tagg West

Stormbound was founded by Tagg West, a writer and indie filmmaker with quarter century of professional marketing experience (including having run a marketing agency with Fortune 500 clients).

Tagg founded Stormbound to combine his passion for filmmaking with his deep expertise in the marketing industry, developing a platform that champions independent filmmakers and helps their work to be seen by a wider audience.

Through Stormbound, he hopes to give indie creators a platform with the support and exposure they need to help them succeed in a highly competitive industry.


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